Phuket, Thailand

Patong beach, Phuket Thailand

Life’s a beach. Well there is a lot of beaches in Phuket. Before we start we thought we’d enlighten you, the name is actually pronounced ‘Pooh-ket’ by the locals. Quite far from what we originally thought!

Phuket is a well known place in Thailand, it’s an area on the west coast and is covered in white sandy beaches. We stayed in an area called Patong that is about an hour away from the airport. This isn’t as busy as downtown Phuket, but still very lively. We stayed at the Ashlee Hub hotel Patong. This hotel was near everything we needed, Hard Rock Cafe being to our left, a night market to our right, and the beach being a 5 minute walk away, with Burger King and 7/11 convenience stores being directly outside our window.

Otop night market, Patong

Everyday we went to the beach, after the hussle and bussle of travelling to Thailand and the busyness of Bangkok, we needed to lay down on a beach and enjoy the sunshine in a relaxed way. The good thing about the beach is that it’s so cheap, 200 baht (£5/$6) to rent 2 sun loungers and a parasol for the day. You also get a variety of sellers who offer you ice creams, fruit and drinks, through to sunglasses, clothes and fruit bowls (why you would buy a fruit bowl at the beach we haven’t a clue).

Sunset at Karon beach

Our favourite beach was Karon beach, this was about a 10 minute drive from Patong beach. We planned to do a boat trip to the Phi Phi Islands however, this was out of our price range and the heat was too much to deal with on a long boat for 2 hours. Karon beach had crystal clear sea and we managed to spot some colourful fish! The beach has a great view of the sunset, as we managed to capture.

Amphoe Kathu, Patong

The middle of Patong has great nightlife, it has a number of bars with live music and an arena that hosts live kick-boxing shows every night. You also have a number of market stalls that sell authentic thai street food at cheap prices. The only thing we found a bit strange is the amount of massage parlours they have all down one street, competing with each other. Also, there seems to be a lot of suit tailors in Thailand, just a heads up in case you need a suit during your holiday?!

Overall, we both really enjoyed Phuket, if we had more time we would have definitely explored more beaches. Next stop… Udon Thani!



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