Bangkok, Thailand

Artbox Night Market

So it’s fair to say jet-lag hit us like a tonne of bricks. We had a lot planned for our 3 days in Bangkok, however, due to the heat and not feeling the best we didn’t see as much as we wanted, we also extended our trip by a day just to rest. What we did see though… was so cool.

One thing we did love about Bangkok is that it’s so cheap. This is a well known secret about Thailand, but we didn’t realise how cheap it is until we arrived. If you read the intro post to our year-long adventures (can be found here if you didn’t!) you’ll know we had to move from our original hotel as the air-con didn’t work and the heat was to relentless to stay there past the first night. The taxi ride was from the outskirts of Bangkok to one of the side roads off of the busy ‘Sukhumvit’ avenue. The journey was about 50 minutes, and cost us… 400baht, about £10/$13. In the UK that would of cost us atleast £60 outside of London, inside London, we dare to think!

So downtown Bangkok is packed with cars, street-food vendors and bright lights. We visited Siam Square One which is like Thailand’s version of Time Square, filled with international shops, as well as your small Thai shops, specialising in everything and anything. The shops spill out to the street, with lights from taxis, tuk-tuks and shops everywhere.

Siam Square

One of the days we managed to get up and around we went to Wat Pho. This place was pretty cool, it’s famed for having a 150foot long reclining Buddha made completely out of gold within its walls. Its the largest in Thailand and is really cool to see during the mid-late afternoon as the sunset hits the ‘chedis’ seen below. Again really cheap with a 200baht entry fee, equating to around £5/$6. We travelled by boat to the temple after getting a tuk-tuk to a bar that had their own long-boat dock, this was a really cool way to get there as we got to see a lot of Bangkok in a quick and unique way.

Wat Pho ‘chedis’
Wat Pho ‘chedi’

So we didn’t get as much done in Bangkok as we wanted, but we will be back towards the end of the year. Next stop Phuket!



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