Melbourne, Australia

Stupidly we booked a morning flight for this and arrived in Melbourne at 7am, so there was no chance of us checking in till 2pm. Luckily, Jade’s Dad and Julia were in Melbourne visiting Julia’s daughter for a few days, so we headed there and decided to have a nap as we were knackered. Their apartment also had a great view of the Docklands of Melbourne!

After our siesta and showers, we headed down with Jade’s Dad and Julia to the nearby Docklands area to a bar/restaurant called Berth. Here we caught up with them and also met Julia’s Daughter, Sofia. We had a nice steak lunch whilst Sofia told us about Melbourne. After lunch we thought we’d do our own exploring and head out to Swanson Street. This is the main area of Melbourne and has a free tram leading to it and our hotel was on it too! Whilst looking around the area we found out about a Robotic Ice Cream Bar, which sounded too amazing to not visit. This place was as cool as it sounds! After stuffing our faces with ice-cream (served by robots) we took a walk over to a well-known street art area, Hosier Lane. The walls are covered in amazing life-like art including the “Bushfire Koala” highlighting the recent bushfires and the thousands of Koalas lost as a result.

Day 2 was the day the two of us and Sofia planned to all go on the Yarra River cruise. This was an easy way to see the city and the sights of Melbourne. This tour went on for about an hour, and it was mostly filled with old women being shouted at by their care worker- “SIT DOWN AND I’LL GET YOU A CUP OF TEA” so that was pretty entertaining. After the cruise, we headed back to Dad & Julia’s apartment to catch up with them both as it was their last day. Berth was again the destination for dinner for the evening and we devoured a white chocolate Creme Brulee that was incredible.

White chocolate creme brulee

The next day was the day we have all been waiting for… the Neighbours tour. We are big fans of Neighbours and had this planned since the start of travelling. We had to meet our tour bus at the Immigration museum in the centre of the city, and this would take us to the sets in the outskirts of the city and after this we’d go to the real street the programme is based upon. We’d be looking forward for this for so long, and it’s just our luck it poured it down, we were drenched. The sets are surprisingly a lot smaller in real life compared to what you see on TV. It was great to see the main sets; Harold’s Cafe, Lassiters, The Waterhole & the tram. The only thing that was disappointing was that they don’t show any of the inside sets so you can only see the outside buildings, the garden sets etc. The street was cool to see, it’s actually under 24 hour surveillance for all of the residents due to how famous it is. We also found out that each of the residents gets paid AU$28,000 per year to live there…crazy!

After a long day touring behind the scenes, we decided to grab some dinner at Waterfront Southgate. This was a food court with delicacies from all over the world, we decided on Indian, which wasn’t the best we’ve ever had, but it filled a gap. We had a flight in the morning where we would have to leave the hotel at 3am from the hotel to the airport. We headed back to the hotel for rest beforehand. Instead of resting at all, we decided to use our clips from the day to make our own Neighbours opening title scene. If you don’t watch Neighbours you are probably a bit lost right now, basically, the shows title scenes show different characters outside their houses, we decided to recreate this, with our cast being ourselves. Have a look on our Facebook page (like it if you don’t already) below.

This was obviously the best use of our time before our flight to our next destination… Sydney!



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