52 Countries in 52 Weeks – The Journey begins

Us ready for our Around The World Adventures

5th January 2020, so today the journey around the world starts. Our aim of visiting 52 countries within 52 weeks starts with a 16 hour flight to Bangkok, Thailand. There was a stop on the way in Abu Dhabi, UAE, however we aren’t including this as a country visited.

Our flight from London to Abu Dhabi was at 8pm at Heathrow, we got there nice and early, meaning only one thing… try Lebanese food. The Comptoir Libanais restaurant was the place to go. We can confirm, IT WAS INCREDIBLE.  Since eating the meal neither of us know how we have managed to live over 20 years without it. A Chicken Taouk breast with Lebanese Potatoes that were to die for. We may have to add Lebanon to the travel list!

Shoutout to Comptoir Libanais
Chicken Taouk and Lebanese Potatoes

When landing in Abu Dhabi we thought with our 2 hour layover we may be able to fit in a cheeky Mcdonalds. But no, the flight transfer process was horrific, basically just a large queue going nowehere… slowly.

After finally getting on the plane, we realised we booked a window and middle seat so it meant as we landed in Bangkok we were staring at a new country on our list. We tried to sleep the whole flight as we struggled to locate the place to plug in headphones (It was at the end of the arm rest?!) for the in flight entertainment in the first hour so next best option is to nap.

Our most watched show on the flight… as we couldn’t find the headphones plug in

We are now checked in to our hotel, in our first night in Bangkok. We’ve noticed so many food stalls and temples on the way so they’ll have to be seen! We are changing hotel tomorrow as we didn’t realise how far out the hotel we originally booked is from downtown Bangkok. We wouldn’t normally do this, but in 32°C+ heat (with no air conditioning in our room) we don’t fancy a long skytrain ride around the city after a sleepless night.

As we have jetlag we did the normal thing anyone does at 1am after a 16 hour journey, have a freezing cold shower and write a blog post about your experience. We’ll try to sleep now, ready for the big move downtown tomorrow!



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