Sydney, Australia

Sydney opera house

After a very early flight, we had arrived in Sydney! We headed straight to our hotel which was right near the King’s Cross Station, yes there are two King’s Crosses in the world! As we arrived early again, we thought we’d jump straight into tourist mode and get on… you guessed it, a hop on hop off bus.

The stop was a short walk away and we managed to go into a supermarket on the way called Woolworths. Unfortunately it wasn’t a return of the shop that was once in the UK, it was a great metro supermarket where we stocked up on fried chicken & watermelon, for breakfast as we were too hungry to care at this point, even at 9am. We hopped on the bus & bought a ticket that lasted for 3 days which also included use of a river cruise and entry to Madame Tussauds, Sea Life aquarium and the Sydney Zoo. This hop on hop off bus had 2 routes and included stops at the world famous Bondi Beach, this was the stop for our first day in Sydney. We laid in the sun at Bondi whilst watching the surfers for a few hours, before heading back to our hotel to un-pack and sort out our itinerary for the next few days.

Day 2 was our touristy day, we headed down to stop 19 on our hop on hop off bus at Darling Harbour and decided to visit Madame Tussauds, Sydney Zoo and Sea Life Aquarium, in that order. Madame Tussauds was better than the one in Singapore, but still not as good as London, it tried though. Ali got his standard picture with ET as he does at every place with ET. Next up was Sydney Zoo and this was the one we were looking forward to the most as they had Koalas and Kangaroos. We both love Koalas and on the top deck of the zoo they have a load of Koalas chilling in trees, eating and sleeping (Fun Fact: they can sleep for between 18-20 hours a day). Finally, we finished the day in the Aquarium. We also added a glass bottom boat ride to our ticket which was booked in for 4pm. The aquarium was cool as they also had a Beluga Whale, and the glass bottom boat ride was great as we got to see loads of massive turtles and sharks.

Day 3 we returned back to stop 19 on the bus, but this time for a different touristy thing… our river cruise. The river cruise started from Darling harbour and headed out to other areas of the city including the Zoo, Shark Island and Luna park. We stayed on the river cruise and didn’t get off so we could get a full view of the city. We were really interested in going to Luna park, this is a fairground that is open all year, however, in the week it opens but you can’t go on the rides? It’d be like going to the cinema with a blindfold on that you can’t take off, it just doesn’t make sense! As we were leaving before the weekend, we unfortunately couldn’t go. After the cruise we went up the Sydney Tower. We like to do these to get a good view of the city, in this case we thought we’d get a cool view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. We got up the top to find some poor city planning meant that someone had built a skyscraper in front of the Opera House and most of the Harbour Bridge. We finished the day back where we started in Darling Harbour (AKA stop 19 for your Hop on Hop off enthusiasts) and got Chicken Kebabs for dinner. We decided to eat these outside and this was a bad idea. Birds in Australia have balls, they all get towards you to knick your food, when you walk towards them to shoo them, they waddle away, not fly. Evil Birds.

River cruise

Our last day in Sydney was spent on Bondi getting our tan on. We went out to Bondi early and headed for a juice bar, we didn’t fancy juice just the fruit so we ordered some. We were given two full tubs worth which we decided to eat on the beach watching the surfers. After getting our tan on we headed to Ben & Jerry’s as we had vouchers for a BOGOF deal. This turned out to be a momentous occasion in Jade’s life as she ordered her first ever ice cream with two scoops in a cone! After living life to the full, Jade decided to try and eat the end of the cone before completely finishing the ice cream, resulting in a massive mess on the floor of the parlour. The already moody server was not best happy, even when we cleaned it up ourselves. Maybe the birds of Sydney annoy her too?

We finished our time in Sydney by looking at the street art near Bondi Beach and getting ready for our next destination… Whitsundays!



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