Sydney, Australia

After a very early flight, we had arrived in Sydney! We headed straight to our hotel which was right near the King’s Cross Station, yes there are two King’s Crosses in the world! As we arrived early again, we thought we’d jump straight into tourist mode and get on… you guessed it, a hop onContinue reading “Sydney, Australia”


Melbourne, Australia

Stupidly we booked a morning flight for this and arrived in Melbourne at 7am, so there was no chance of us checking in till 2pm. Luckily, Jade’s Dad and Julia were in Melbourne visiting Julia’s daughter for a few days, so we headed there and decided to have a nap as we were knackered. TheirContinue reading “Melbourne, Australia”

Perth, Australia

We arrived in Perth at about 7pm and thought after dropping our bags off at the hotel we’d head straight out for some food. We asked a local on the plane and the Uber driver from the airport where the best place for us to get a bite to eat, they both suggested an areaContinue reading “Perth, Australia”

Singapore – Part 2

The 3rd day of our Singapore adventure took us to Sentosa again! This time we managed to find a cook your own pancake restaurant, how cool. We decided to order normal pancake batter with chocolate chips, syrup, raspberries and bacon bits for toppings (very weird combo if eaten altogether). This place was great and itContinue reading “Singapore – Part 2”

Singapore – Part 1

After a month on our travels, we have finally reached the place we were looking forward to the most. We arrived in the afternoon into the famous Changi Airport. This place has everything, it’s own indoor waterfall, gardens for you to sit in and slides to some gates. All the standard airport stuff. We headedContinue reading “Singapore – Part 1”

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu (KK) is on the isle of Borneo, in the state of Sabah in Malaysia. It’s one of the main cities within Malaysia. Most people will know of Borneo and the animals there, we thought we’d be close to them being in KK, it turns out we were at least 5 hours’ drive fromContinue reading “Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia”

Penang, Malaysia

After a nice relaxing time by the pool, or on the beach in Langkawi, we took a short 20 minute flight over to Penang. By the time they had finished the safety briefing we were being told we were landing soon, it was great. We again arrived at our hotel before check -in time, soContinue reading “Penang, Malaysia”

Langkawi, Malaysia

We arrived in Langkawi after spending a night in Kuala Lumpur airport, so sleep deprived was an understatement. We arrived on the island at about 8am and got to our hotel right on the tip of the island at 9am. Due to our severe lack of sleep we were hoping we could pull a fewContinue reading “Langkawi, Malaysia”

A day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As the title suggests, we literally spent a day in Kuala Lumpur the capital, of a new country for us, Malaysia. We arrived at 1.30pm and we went straight from there to the hotel in downtown. By the time we got there it was 3pm and we had literally 24 hours to see what weContinue reading “A day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Some of you may have already read a bit about our hotel in Chiang Mai from our recent review (if you haven’t, have a look here) so you know about how great our hotel was. This was one of the main reasons we extended our stay here from 2 days to 6 days, and weContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand”