Udon Thani, Thailand

Nong Prajak Lake

So we spent 2 days in Udon Thani, like you we hadn’t heard of it before either. It’s in the north west of Thailand, about 50 miles from the border with Laos and the capital there, Vientiane. We really enjoyed our time here though. It’s a small city, so there isn’t a massive amount to see, however, what we did see was really cool, and we managed to do it in a day!

We went to the Central Plaza shopping centre to find out more about a ‘city tram’ tour we found online, they only have a few tours running throughout the day so we joined on a thai university group tour. We were expecting a 30min drive around the city, however what was actually included was way better. We did a bit of sight-seeing where the tour guide would explain the heritage and the background behind Udon Thani. Unexpectedly, we then pulled up at the ‘Ban Chiang’ museum. This museum explains the great history of the the city and the story behind the Ban Chiang pottery found in the area in the 1960s. The tram tour cost 50 baht each, so roughly £1.50 each and the whole excursion lasted around 2 hours.

The big ‘Bang Chiang’

One of the main things to see in Udon Thani is Nong Prajak park. Inside the park is a large replica of the Bang Chiang pottery which was explained in the museum. Normally, there is a giant yellow rubber duck sitting on the lake in the park, however, on the day we were looking round the duck been taken off of the water so was sat in front of a fire station next to the park (we don’t know why).

If you want to do something away from the usual temple and food stall visits, we recommend hiring a pedalo on the lake. For 50 baht you can hire a two seater duck pedalo to freely explore the lake for as long as you want. For an extra 20 baht you can also buy a plastic bottle full of fish food to feed the fishes as you go around. We really enjoyed our pedalo even in 33 degree heat!

Duck pedalos

We just so happened to have stumbled across an all-pink decor cafe! (Ali was thrilled) This place is nothing short of an instagrammers paradise. They offer highly photogenic cakes and drinks (no one else ate their cakes as they were too busy taking photos the whole time that they probably went stale) Everything inside the cafe was pretty and pink and definitely not to be missed if you visit Udon Thani.

Ali’s favourite cafe

We unexpectedly enjoyed Udon Thani more than we originally thought we would. We would of visited the famous ‘Red Lotus Lake’ however, it was a bit too much to fit into one day. If you do visit Udon Thani give it at least two days to fit the lake in!

Next stop for us is Chiang Mai, look out for our next post soon!



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