Singapore – Part 1

After a month on our travels, we have finally reached the place we were looking forward to the most. We arrived in the afternoon into the famous Changi Airport. This place has everything, it’s own indoor waterfall, gardens for you to sit in and slides to some gates. All the standard airport stuff.

We headed straight for our Hotel in the middle of the city, Hotel Boss. We hadn’t planned what to do on the first day so got in a Grab from the hotel with our destination being ‘Downtown’, there is always things going on ‘Downtown’ in any city. It turned out this was an MRT station (Singapore’s version of the tube) and so we headed for food. After a quick bite to eat in a nice Thai restaurant we decided to walk towards the building we recognised the most out of the skyline, Marina Bay Sands. This hotel backs on to the Gardens by the Bay, which houses the super-trees.

We spent the rest of the evening walking round the gardens being amazed at the super-trees and the light show that goes off at 7.45pm. This was mesmerising to watch, a full lightshow of the trees in line with music. After the show the park closes, so we decided to go back to the hotel and get a good night’s rest ready for the next day.

Our first full day in Singapore was at none other than Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa Island. Luckily, before we arrived in Singapore we bought a ‘GoCity’ pass. This pass allowed us entry to all the attractions we had planned to visit in Singapore and also access to bus tours, river cruises and loads of other things.

Universal Studios Singapore

We decided we would visit the park as soon as it opens and stay there until closing, so 10am till 7pm in a theme park, we thought that would be enough time to go on most rides we wanted to, just in case it was busy. When we arrived, we thought we’d get all of the big rides done just in case it got busier later. It turned out the park never got busy. The longest we queued for a ride was 10 minutes!

Our favourite ride was the Return of the Mummy ride within the Ancient Egypt zone. This was an indoor rollercoaster (always the best ride at any theme park) and had drops, twists, turns and even a part where you went backwards! Due to the lack of queues we only managed to go on the ride once seven times. We thought the coolest part of the park apart from the rides was how detailed the areas were. They had a Jurassic Park area which had a replica of the gates from the film, a Far Far Away zone which had the castle from the Shrek Films, and served gingerbread men who looked exactly like the gingerbread man! The Ancient Egypt zone had a big tomb with statues that were massive dog like statues.

Gingerbread men at Far Far Away Land

In Universal Studios Singapore they have 7 themed areas, these are: The lost world, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, New York, Hollywood, Madagascar and Far Far Away. For lunch we went to Mel’s Diner within New York and had a nice meal and milkshake in a 1950’s style diner. We spent the rest of the day going on every ride atleast 3 times, watching a stunt show and getting soaked on the Jurrasic Park river rapids.

I like to move it, move it

Day 2 in Singapore was spent on the Big Bus Tour. We find these really helpful when in cities as you can see it all in one day and also you can use the tour as your own public transport, this was also included within the GoCity pass mentioned earlier. We realised the bus takes you straight to Sentosa so we could also visit the other attractions included in our pass based on Sentosa such as the S.E.A Aquarium, 4D Adventureland, Madame Tussauds, Etc.

After a full day of visiting the attractions on Sentosa, we also had tickets included for the Wings of Time night show. This was on the beach and you basically watch an adventure through time of 2 kids and a big bird. This includes laser lights, fire and fireworks. We wouldn’t choose to this again, it may be better if you have kids with you but for us being a couple in our 20s it was quite boring.

Wings of time show

As we did so much in Singapore we thought we’d split the blog in to 2. Look out for the rest of our adventures in Singapore soon.



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