Singapore – Part 2

The 3rd day of our Singapore adventure took us to Sentosa again! This time we managed to find a cook your own pancake restaurant, how cool. We decided to order normal pancake batter with chocolate chips, syrup, raspberries and bacon bits for toppings (very weird combo if eaten altogether). This place was great and it was even better as we made our food to how we wanted it! If you ever go to Sentosa make sure you visit Slappy Cakes!

After pancakes, we went to Adventure Cove waterpark, this again was a park to ourselves. There was no queueing for any rides meaning we managed to go on all the big waterslides time and time again. The lazy river went all around the park and allowed you to go through a zone where you could see the stingrays in the tanks on site. This was cool as occasionally they had a photographer there who would take your photos as the stingrays came up to the glass. There was also a tunnel of fish, like you’d get in an aquarium, but you were seeing it all from the comfort of your rubber ring. After a bit of persuading Jade managed to pluck up the courage to go on all the waterslides, including the one with a whirlpool that had a drop after.

Adventure Cove waterpark

Once we finished at the waterpark we headed back to downtown Singapore, where we had tickets for a river cruise (Again included in our GoCity Pass). We got this from Clarke Quay and it headed towards the Marina Bay area, by the time we managed to get a seat on the cruise it was dark, this meant we got to take photos of the city at night. Our timing of the cruise was great (unexpectedly) as we also got to see the Marina Bay Sands light show whilst on the river. The journey lasted about 45 minutes and it took you past the Merlion Statue, the Helix Bridge, the Lotus Flower and of course the Marina Bay Sands.

Day 4 we got up bright and early and headed to Singapore Zoo (Yes it was included in the Pass). The Zoo had all kind of animals, including; Elephants, Zebras, Kangaroos, Lions, Giraffes, Orangutans, and a lot of other animals you’d find in a Zoo. We also managed to take a free tram ride around the Zoo, which saved on walking in 35 Degree heat.

Singapore Zoo
Gardens by the bay view from Marina Bay Sands

Next up on the itinerary for Day 4 was to have a free drink at the sky bar at Marina Bay Sands (Guess what? it was included in the same Pass!) We had a nice time looking at the views of Singapore, we got a really good view of the Gardens By the Bay. We tried to sneak into the observation decks available for guests of the hotel, but we got caught. We were told the best free areas for us to use and managed to take some great pictures from them. As we headed towards the lift to go down, we were surprised by two familiar faces – Jade’s Dad and Julia! This took us completely by surprise as we facetimed them the previous day in the UK and it took us a good 24 hours to get over the shock. We decided to have another drink at the skybar with them before heading over to a street food market called Gluttons Bay.

Dad & Julia surprised us!

Gluttons Bay was amazing. In Singapore residents rarely cook in their homes so the government subsidise the street food so all the locals eat there. We shared Chicken Tikka and Butter Chicken with some Garlic Naans and rice on the side. After eating our way into food heaven we all got into a Grab and headed back to the hotel for the night.

Gluttons Bay street food

Day 5 we went back to Sentosa to spend our last day in Singapore on the beach with Jade’s Dad and Julia. We managed to find a cool beach bar where we reserved two shared sun loungers between us so we could enjoy the nearby waves. Before relaxing we decided to order breakfast, Home-made Granola with yogurt and berries for Jade and Pancakes for Ali (typical). After breakfast we went out on the beach to relax on the loungers, we managed to get a good half an hour of relaxation, before a storm decided to hit. Storms happen quite often in Singapore, most of the time they last 10-20 minutes and then you have clear skies for the rest of the day, but not today. This storm decided for us that we didn’t deserve a beach day so after a few more drinks at the bar we headed off.

We got a grab back to Downton Singapore where we found an indoor street food market, they literally had every type of food you could think of. After, we thought we would show dad and Julia where we did the river cruise at Clarke Quay as it has loads of bars and great nightlife. One of the bars we came across was Deutschlander which had live music on and was taking song requests… as we love reggae we thought we would go for Bob Marley, and as soon as we did the bar seemed to get a lot more customers, typical. Due to this being all of our last night in Singapore, we stayed for a few drinks then headed off to our hotel ready to get our flights to Australia in the morning. Dad & Julia off to a Melbourne and us off to Perth, hoping to meet up with them again in Melbourne in a few days time (if they were lucky).

Next stop a new city in a new country for us, Perth, Australia!



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