52 Countries in 52 Weeks – The Journey begins

5th January 2020, so today the journey around the world starts. Our aim of visiting 52 countries within 52 weeks starts with a 16 hour flight to Bangkok, Thailand. There was a stop on the way in Abu Dhabi, UAE, however we aren’t including this as a country visited. Our flight from London to AbuContinue reading “52 Countries in 52 Weeks – The Journey begins”

NYE in Copenhagen

So… Copenhagen definitely starts a new year off with a bang! (Pun fully intended) The great thing about this place is that they start the celebrations early, this may be due to the firework ban throughout the year, or just due to the fact they’re nuts, we’re still trying to get an answer. Tivoli isContinue reading “NYE in Copenhagen”

Copenhagen, Denmark

This is our second time visiting Copenhagen and we would definitely recommend anyone wanting to get away for the festive period or New year to come and celebrate here. The Danish government have a ban on all private firework use throughout the year apart from the period between 27th December until the 1st Jan. InContinue reading “Copenhagen, Denmark”