A day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As the title suggests, we literally spent a day in Kuala Lumpur the capital, of a new country for us, Malaysia. We arrived at 1.30pm and we went straight from there to the hotel in downtown. By the time we got there it was 3pm and we had literally 24 hours to see what we wanted to, sleep, see some more and then get on our next flight to somewhere else in Malaysia (spoiler alert).

We started off by getting a Grab (Asian version of Uber) to the Petronas Towers. The towers are hard to miss as they are the tallest twin towers currently on earth. There’s a mall below them so we went there before having a photo shoot of the towers. This mall had every designer shop and was 7/8 floors high. We love to people watch and this was people watching heaven. Awfully staged photos being taken in front of the towers, families of 18 having photo shoots, and another family decided to bring the Guatemala flag with them for their photo, we assume this is where their from, or they just really love that flag.

Petronas Towers
The Perfect Handstand

From the two tall towers to one, we decided to get in a Grab and go to the KL Tower. This is the tallest single tower in Malaysia at 421 metres. We got a ticket that included entry to the ‘sky box’, ‘sky deck’, Upside Down house, a small aquarium and a small zoo. Due to the fact it was past 5pm when we arrived at the tower we had to go straight to the Upside Down house as this closed first. If you haven’t been to one of these. we recommend you go as it’s great fun. We both managed to do perfect handstands!

KL Tower

Next up was the Aquarium, which was directly opposite the stairs of the KL tower. This was a quick attraction to go round, it reminded us of the fish section in a garden centre. It was cool to look at all the fishes, but it was small however, it was free with the ticket so we didn’t overly mind. By the time we’d finished there it was dark outside, meaning we’d be looking over the Petronas towers we saw earlier (and the rest of the city) at night. We saw some stunning views of the city and even tried out the ‘sky box’ which is a glass-bottomed box hanging over the edge of the tower on the observation deck.

View from the KL Tower

Hard Rock cafe was next on our to-do list before heading back for the night. We shared some appetisers whilst enjoying the live music they had on. About 11pm we headed back to our hotel, Pacific Express. If you ever stay in KL and need a hotel, NEVER go here, and we mean NEVER! At 1am we heard tapping sounds in the bathroom and it turned out water was leaking… from the light on the ceiling. Reception moved us to a new room, after just moving our stuff we had a look around the new room and realised a family of bed bugs and beetles were also checked into the same room.

At 2am it’s too late to check in to a new hotel, so we decided we’d prefer to complain to front desk and then camp out in the airport ready for our flight (that we hoped we could move to the morning) at 7pm. The receptionist of the hotel decided our situation was funny and didn’t offer any apology/refund, instead insisting she has done all she could do and that was that. After getting nowhere with this woman we got a Grab to the airport.

In the end we managed to move our flight to 7am, meaning we arrived in Langkawi after having no sleep for over 24 hours. Kuala Lumpur was a great place to visit, even for less than 24 hours. We can’t wait to return in March for a few days!



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