Spice House, Chiang Mai – Hotel Review

Spice House

We are by no means hotel reviewers, we like to think we are, but in reality we’re just a couple of around the world travellers (see what we did there?). However, for the purpose of this post we have become reviewers of our most recent hotel stay at the Spice House and Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our story here starts at another hotel in the city, we arrived after a delayed flight to a hotel room with a spider infestation. After moving rooms to the same problem we were too tired and annoyed to play musical rooms, so we went online and looked for a new place to stay. We stumbled across ‘Spice House’ on Hotels.com. The listing looked too good to be true, but we thought, it couldn’t get worse, so why not go for it. We checked out and got a taxi to our new residence in Chiang Mai, the Spice House.

The location of the Spice House is perfect, it’s located around the corner from the famous Tha Phae Gate and the adjacent Sunday Walking Street. With shops, eateries and temples all nearby, you will never be stuck for something to do.

Inside Brasserie & Bar

The hotel has only 16 rooms and features 3 restaurants and a cafe bar on site. There is the high class dining restaurant ‘Mekong’, all dishes in the restaurant are meals which you can get from countries along the Mekong river (hence the name of the restaurant). The main place to eat is ‘The Kitchen’. This restaurant has dishes from all over Asia, we love the Chicken Satays with Peanut Butter dip, this paired with fresh Jasmine Rice is to die for. After dinner we like to go to the ‘Brasserie and Bar’ for drinks and desserts. Massive shout out to the Coconut Creme Brulee and the ‘Mekong Pave’ (A Chocolate Mousse cake) these are the perfect ways to end a nice day in Chiang Mai. We’d like to point out that guests of the hotel also get 20% off at all these restaurants, what could be better?!

Coconut creme brulee with homemade coconut ice cream

We found out the hotel only opened on the 7th of December, hence why for around 1500 baht a night (£40/$45) you can literally live like a king/queen. The rooms in the hotel all have a modern, contemporary decor, with a bathroom covered in a mix of light and dark marbles. They have 2 room types, one being a twin room with 2 beds, the other being a king size bed for couples. The couples room also comes with a daybed to allow you to sit back and look over the the Spice Garden and the temple over the road ‘Wot Dokaueng’. All this mixed in with air conditioning (that works) and a LG Smart TV that comes with Netflix, Prime Video and a number of channels from around the globe, you may never even leave the hotel!

King-size bedroom with view of the Wat Dokaueng temple

As we know, no place is great without their staff. We found the staff at the hotel to be first class, very attentive and really helpful when it comes to any request.

We just had to write an honest review about this hotel as it’s one of the main reasons why we changed our trip, extended our stay in Chiang Mai and missed Pattaya (for now). We give it a 10/10, and we will definitely be back at the end of October for the Yi Peng Lantern Festival!



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