NYE in Copenhagen


So… Copenhagen definitely starts a new year off with a bang! (Pun fully intended)

The great thing about this place is that they start the celebrations early, this may be due to the firework ban throughout the year, or just due to the fact they’re nuts, we’re still trying to get an answer.

Tivoli is open all day on NYE meaning throughout the day you can enjoy the rides, food and hot chocolate to your heart’s content. When the clock strikes 11pm the gardens come alive and a full blown fireworks show begins. Joined by all other visitors to the park around the main Christmas and heart-light trees (the second being Jade’s favourite) you will be in awe at the fireworks arising from the top of the concert hall.

Heart tree in Tivoli Gardens

When leaving Tivoli Gardens, we headed straight to Rådhuspladsen (2 min walk from Tivoli) as the locals all get involved in a firework fiesta. Be wary when walking along the streets though, as Danish people have a knack of setting off rockets at arms length!

From our hotel room we were able to have a great view of the Rådhuspladsen and we were amazed at the colours and sounds from 11.15pm till about 2am, if you are staying at a hotel overlooking the city hall they may have a hotel bar overlooking the square which guests can use to watch the celebrations and to toast in the new year.

Fireworks in Rådhuspladsen- view from our hotel room
More Fireworks from our room

We wish you all a happy new year! Also a massive happy birthday to Jade to!



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